Affiliate Banner Ads

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Banner Ads can be a useful way to attract visitors to the main site. We have created three different designs of banner ads in the following formats for you to use on your sites or for advertising purposes:

Banner Size

468×60 px
125×125 px
120×600 px
88×31 px button
160×600 px
120 x 240 px
234 x 60 px
254 x 331 px
728 x 90 px
720 x 300 px
300 x 250 px

Please click on each Banner Ad design below to gain access to each individual size as well as all of them in one ZIP File. If you have any problems, please e-mail us at

Please be sure to replace the XXXX in the code for each banner ad with your ClickBank ID.

Banner Ad 1: No More Alcohol Problems
Banner Ad 2: Give up Alcohol Part 1
Banner Ad 3: Give up Alcohol Part 2