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Re: To the HEAVY DRINKER who wants his or her life back

Hi (first_name),

Are you sick of the hangovers, bloated body and mental fog?

Want to stop consuming alcohol for good?

Want to get your life back?

If so, here's the good news.

A remarkably effective program created by an ex problem drinker from London has created quite a buzz. Expert counselors have endorsed it. And it's helping HUNDREDS of men and women around the world successfully quit or reduce their drinking for good.

In fact, they are hailing it as the fastest, easiest way for anyone to get (and stay) sober...


If you want to make a change in your life, then Rahul Nag (author of this unique program) offers you the 3 simple steps to control your drinking, starting today:

1. Prepare

2. Execute

3. Review

For the exciting details, check out...



Re: How to get (and stay) sober


If you asked the successful men and women who managed to give up drinking how they did it, you'll find a surprisingly common answer.


Truth is, everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to get (and stay) off the alcohol.

In fact here's why Rahul, an ex problem drinker from London, decided to do it:


Now think about it...

What is YOUR reason why?

Maybe you're sick and tired of the hangovers.

Perhaps, you feel your heavy drinking is turning you into someone you don't respect, and it robs you of experiencing life to the fullest.

Or you worry a stroke, a heart attack, liver disease, or other sickness associated with drinking may suddenly strike without warning...

And you won't be there to walk your child down the aisle someday.

Indeed, excessive drinking can be a trouble-maker.

But whatever your reason is, please know that you CAN successfully quit drinking quickly and easily, like thousands of men and women around the world have done.

Here's how to do it, starting today:



Re: Want to stop drinking for good? (When enough is enough)

Hi (first_name),

Let me tell you about Rahul Nag.

He was a problem drinker.

One day in the summer of 2003, he was on the top-deck of a famous London double-decker bus after a long night of drinking...

When suddenly, he ran down and PUKED over all the bus!

That was the moment he told himself...

"Enough is enough."

(You can read the rest of his story here: https://alcoholfreesociallife.com)

Since then, Rahul was able to finally break free from his dependence on alcohol and has never looked back. He now enjoys going to bars, feeling crystal clear both during the evening and the next day. He feels healthier and happier than he ever did, and yes... he also saves lot of money because no more drunken nights out for him.

But that's not the end of Rahul's story.

Today, he has helped hundreds of men and women around the world successfully quit (or moderate) their alcohol consumption to gain their life back.

These people have reported:

- Looking and feeling so much better

- Less feelings of hopelessness, guilt and shame

- Dropping excess weight

- Enjoying a newfound sense of confidence and energy

- Feeling like a new person

If you, too, want to give up alcohol for good, then this remarkable man from London has done something special for you.

Check this out now: