Google Adwords and PPC Adverts

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Here are some adverts you can copy and paste into your Google Adwords or Microsoft’s pay per click advertising campaigns. The title line needs to be under 25 characters long and the second and third lines under 35 characters per line.

In terms of Google Adwords I would strongly recommend that you use the free Perry Marshall five day Google ad words course. I have bought his full programme which takes you through Google Adwords and how to get good at it and actually make money. Here is the link to his free five-day course:

Please note that we can make no guarantees as to the effectiveness or likelihood of sales and conversions using these adverts. These are here to help you and you will need to test different variations to find the most successful adverts for you.

Give Up Alcohol Now
Learn how to stop using alcohol
as a crutch or aid to feeling good

Stop Drinking Alcohol
How you can quickly and easily
give up the need for alcohol

Take Control of Alcohol
Don’t let alcohol keep affecting
your life. Take action now

Stop Binge Drinking
If you are suffering from too much
alcohol we can help you now

Stop Excessive Drinking
You no longer have to give in to
the temptation to drink too much